We have a baby on the way and Zeuss is more than we are going to be able to handle.
He requires regular exercise and a dominant alpha to guide him.
Zeuss loves everyone and sometimes it's too much love. He would be a 100 lb lapdog if allowed.
He has had some leash training but needs his alpha to guide him. My wife can't. I have no problems. He is house trained and crate trained.
He is a drooler so if that's gross to you, best not to
Zeuss is unaltered.
I will NOT rehome him to just anyone. I'll need to know a bit about you before you even meet him.
Zeuss is my friend and I will keep him here with me if I can't find someone more suited to his needs.
Please contact me via email with any questions and reasonable offers. Please note that I said reasonable. If you can't afford the dog, you can't afford his care. Zeuss has all his required shots and some that were optional. He has been raised on Blue Buffalo dog food. You won't find a healthier dog.